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New Tecno phones support Over The Air (OTA) update – i.e update directly from your Settings > About > System updates .

Old Tecno phones dont support OTA updates so you have to manually flash an OS update via a custom ROM. We’ll go through the steps below:

1. Root the Tecno phone ( See https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-1.html )

2. Flash Clockworkmod to the phone ( See https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-455.html

3. Download the ROM you wish to update to ( You can check our Developers section )

4. Copy the ROM to the memory card of the phone and boot into recovery mode ( see  https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-479.html )

5. Click ‘Install Update form Zip’ and select the ROM on your memory card

6. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm

For more info on updating Android, you can read https://blog.hovatek.com/how-to-upgrade-an-android-smartphone-or-tablet-operating-system-os/
– See more at: https://forum.hovatek.com/thread-161.html#sthash.cJx9kiMx.dpuf

Create your own boot animations from your favorite animation movies

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Having that awesome bootanimation in your android phone is one thing that can make you stand out. For me it’s not just being awesome but having that favorite movie’s animation as your phones bootanimation. Today I would like to teach you how to create that bootanimation you have tirelessly tried to Google about all over the net I bet even xda developers are about to incorporate you. Now to have that movie as your bootanimation requires some software both on a laptop/pc
For pc;
Windows moviemaker or any other movie editing software. Free studio is also an option
Free studio 
Of course the movie
For android;
Any root browser with superuser permissions
Also you need to know your phones resolution
First we need to be on the pc/laptop to create
Create a new folder in your pc and name it ‘boot’
In it create another folder and name it  ‘part0’ without quotes
Open notepad and type the following as it appears   320 480 15p 1 0 part0 save it as ‘desc’ without quotes in the folder boot.
Open movie maker and cut out the part you need as your bootanimation save it in your pc
Open free studio and in the convert tab click on free video to jpeg.
Add the video to the program choose the last option on the far right end of the window every frame
After it’s done now go to back to the free studio and tap on the convert tab click on free jpg converter add the created jpg frames of the video. Change the frames to your phones resolution and save them
rename all the frames starting from the first to ‘boot_000, boot_001, boot_002’ to the last
after you are done now copy the photos to the folder part0
now you are ready to create a bootanimation
In the desc.txt file open it and rename the 320 480 part to your phones resolution e.g. from 320 480 to 172 1560.  To appear as 172 1560 15p 1 0 part0
Select both files and add them archives using WinRAR. Change the filename to bootanimation.zip and in the compression method click on store
You will have a new zip file with the name bootanimation.zip
Now copy the file to your phones root folder
using the following link make it your bootanimation http://wp.me/p5OCu7-a 

Perform at your own risk
Have fun

whatsapp installation in java phones

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The use of Whatsapp is fast becoming one of the cheapest means of communicating, sharing, updating status, uploading videos, photos and other features over the internet. Unlike facebook application that runs on all the java devices, whatsapp has had an issue with compatibility on some mobile devices. You will agree with me that phones like Asha 200,205, Nokia 2700 classis and some other java phones  are mostly uncompatible with the mobile networking application.
i was able to install whatsapp on an unsupported device with a more reliable procedure. I also tried installing the application on other devices that does not support whatsapp application and it worked just fine. Have you been finding it difficult installing whatsapp on your phone? or is your phone not compatible with whatsapp application? then let us try this trick together. It worked for me and i hope it will work for you.

Requirement Before Installing Whatsapp On Unsupported Java Phones
— Data Plan (Atleast 5mb or more)
— Credit balance of not less than ksh.30
— Your mobile phone (Java)
— Fast internet access
— Atleast a 5mb empty space on your phone memory.
Before installation: If your phone uses more than one Sim, simply remove the sim you wouldn’t use for your whatsapp registration and leave the other. You can reinsert the second Sim after you might have concluded the installation.
If you got all of these ready, then let us move to the next step.
Step One:
a.) Download this file below:
To download the file below, simply copy and paste any of the above mentioned links above on your web browser.
Second Step:
b.) Download the second file below:
If you have downloaded both files, simply relocate them to your phone memory.
If you observe carefully, one of the files is having an extension of .jar and the other .jad. For some reasons, after files are downloaded to the phones, the .jad files merges to become one file (.jar). Don’t delete any of them. It should automatically merge to become one file.
If you have followed the installation procedure successfully, then you should see an application with the whatsapp logo.
Step Three (Updating The Current Version Of Whatsapp Application To The Latest).
 Whatsapp does not run with older versions and for you to use the application, you must update the current version which you just installed to the latest version.
– Simply scroll down to where you have your just installed whatsapp application and click on the key that displays “Option.” This will enable you update the version to the latest.
– Click on Update version >>>Select the network of your choice (Only applicable to phones with double Sim).
– Wait for it to finish loading and downloading.
– An option like “Replace 2.4.22 with newer version 2.12.10 (or the latest version). Click yes and continue.
– The next window pops out an option like “Application Source differs from original continue”? Click yes and continue.
– Keep application data? Tick Yes and accept the newer version.Clcik Yes on the next option that comes out.
– Allow the notification enabler to complete the updates.
– Upon successful downloads of current version, a registration page and other details will be requested from you. Simply fill in the appropriate details as requested in the fields.
If you adhere to all these steps then you should be using whatsapp application on your unsupported devices.

This may not work in all devices so if  it doesn’t  dont blame yourself  or the phone

Have fun


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You are here because  you have an issie with . Jar files in your phone. you tried
installing an application in
your Samsung phone only
to be prompted by this
error: “JAR file is over max size” And now, you are looking
for the solution for this
error. I want to share to
you the secret code that
will resolve this “JAR file is
over max size” error. I have tried this in Samsung
Champ and it works. I am
not sure if this will work in
other Samsung Units, but
it’s worth a try. The reason why this error
is prompted is because the
default value for a jar file
in Samsung units is 500 KB.
So if your installation file
(which is always in .jar file) is more than 500 KB, you
cannot install it. But, I
found a way to install .jar
files which are more than
500 KB. Just follow this
1. In your keypad, type this
2. You will get the JAVA
Test Menu after typing the
above code, find the OTA
Test menu and open it.
3. Then you will see the
value 500 in Maximum JAR
size field, change the value
to a number higher than
500, i.e. 5000.
4. Save the setup
5. Now, go back to your jar
file and install it You should be able to
install it now.

Have fun


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Smartphones being smart are just like empty drives that need to be filled with user requirements. Today we talk about creating user profiles in your android jellybean device. User profiles which will resemble those in windows computers such that you can have an administrator account and several other different user accounts.
For that to happen some factors have to be fulfilled especially in the phones
Your phone/tablet must be rooted. rooting is risky and can cause system failure or problems, perform at your own risk. I take no liability to a faulty device, system failure or problems

For the phone you need to enable lockscreen rotation. For the latter to happen there are many methods but I will chose a rather small and fast process which involves minimal applications to be downloaded since we need phone space. We will use the phones biuldprop.
Download buildprop editor from Google playstore.
Open it and grant it superuser permission
Once running head to the pencil icon and tap on it
Scroll down the list of active properties up to where you get to the section.
Once in that section tap anywhere and add a new line
Type the following exactly as it appears.        Lockscreen.rot_override=true
reboot your phone
with that your phone should rotate in lockscreen
After enabling lockscreen now you need to activate the user profiles in your settings. Still we need to use the build prop editor to activate the user profiles.
Open and run biuldprop editor and tap on the pencil icon
Scroll down the list of active properties up to where you get to the section.
Again tap anywhere and add a new line
Type the following exactly as it appears                                        

Reboot your phone
After reboot everything will look the same until when you head to your settings and under device settings you will notice a new icon with the name users


Tap on it and add a new user  it might reboot upon asking you to set up new user profile
Once it is done lock your screen and then tap on power to see the lockscreen, rotate it and you will see two icons at the bottom tap on the new one and it will open up


This new user profile has none of the old user profiles contents since it is like another phone. Here you can set up new emails accounts and apps for the guest account
N.B; when not in the owner’s profiles you will not receive calls or texts you will later find missed calls in the owners account. I also recommend a phone with a bigger ram for the process although even small ones do work
Rooting and changing build prop features is harmful to your phone please perform with care; perform at your own risk. I take no liability to any system failure or problem

Have fun

What’s next after a successful root (2)

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Previously we talked about changing fonts http://wp.me/p5OCu7-8 then the bootanimation http://wp.me/p5OCu7-a . a rooted phone is not an achievement without such tweaks that’s why today I would like us to think what if one wanted to customize the notification panel, battery, and even the more?
That question’s answer is yes but if you get the right tools to do so.
N.b: this process involves series of reboot have your phone charged fully before the exercise
         Rooting is risky to your phone, perform with care
   When it comes to customize the latter features we need more sophisticated software or apps one of which is the exposed installer and the x-blast tools.
        The installer can run independently since it installs the exposed framework in your rooted phone but the x-blast tools work as a module in the exposed so it needs to be activated within the exposed installer.
First you need to get both apps from XDA developers from the net or use the following link
     Then install the exposed installer. Open it and click on modules it will prompt you with a red box to install the exposed framework, tap on install and then let it reboot. After reboot now install the x-blast tools. Open exposed installer and tap on modules and activate the x-blast tools in the checkbox, reboot phone.

After reboot now open x-blast tools and modify your phone to disired features. Some features won’t work depending on the phone type and operating system.
  After you are done with tweaking tap on soft reboot or reboot and the phone will reboot to apply the new settings.
         These tweaks are risky to your phone, perform at your own risk. I take no liability to a system failure or problem.
Have fun